Dale Sexton

Dale Sexton, Sr

I was born in Mount Judea, Arkansas on March 30, 1941, the second of six children. I grew up surrounded by loving parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents and many extended family members. We learned to work and contribute early in life. This work ethic taught us many life lessons. Primarily, that with hard work and determination you could achieve and make the most of life. My Great, Great, Great Grandfather Timothy Sexton fought alongside George Washington in The Revolutionary War. I came to have a great love of country and dedication to family and hard work. Having heard the recounting of the bravery and determination of our first President and the brave and dedicated men that he led, I appreciated, at an early age, the opportunity afforded anyone in this great country who is willing and determined.
My family moved to Kansas City, Missouri when I was a teenager and I joined the Air Force at the age of 17. While stationed at March Air Force Base in Riverside, I met and married Jeannette Lynn Vermillion in June 1964. We have two grown children – Shelli Lynn and Dale Jr. and now have one grandson, Dylan, born in 2001 to our daughter Shelli.
In 1964 at the age of twenty three I entered the world of real estate and ventured out on my own in 1969 as Broker and Owner of Sexton Real Estate. And now over 50 years later, you can still find me behind my desk, on the telephone, doing what I do best. I still love coming to work to help people every day. My dedication to my field and the experience I have garnered over these many years in the real estate industry will bring a successful element to you when you decide to step out and build your own Real Estate Portfolio. I bring the message that Real Estate can be the main building block for you and your family’s financial security as it has proved to be in my life.
My major asset is the years of experience in every phase of the real estate market. With my many years in the industry I have volumes of long standing relationships with Buyers, Sellers and Developers. I keep in touch with my clients and many of them I have come to call close family friends over the years.